'Resident Evil 5' Cinematic Director In Talks To Direct Capcom Movie

The cinematic director who worked on "Resident Evil 5" revealed to MTV Multiplayer that he's currently in talks to direct a live-action film based on one of Capcom's game franchises.


In a recent phone interview, Jim Sonzero, the cinematic director for "Resident Evil 5," told MTV Multiplayer that he's talking to game-maker Capcom about directing a film based on one of the company's franchises.

He declined to give any other details about the movie, other than that he would direct it and that it would be live-action.

Sonzero's past work includes television commercials and music videos, as well as features like "Wes Craven's Pulse," starring Kristen Bell, and "War of the Angels," a short film about a Nazi radio specialist. "Resident Evil 5" was his first time working on a video game, and whether the Capcom movie pans out or not, he plans to do more with gaming.

"I am involved in motion-capture projects that are bringing this technology to advertisers," he said. "But I am definitely very interested in taking cinematics to a whole new level and keep moving in this direction."

Stay tuned for more from our interview with Sonzero.

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