Mad Max Director: Games Surpassing Films In Storytelling Potential

Director George Miller told MTV News that his ambitious "Mad Max" video game is still a couple of years away.


Not much has been heard of the upcoming "Mad Max" video game since Newsweek's N'Gai Croal broke news last year that "God of War II" director Cory Barlog was teaming with the film's director, George Miller for the project.

But a recent interview between MTV Movies editor Josh Horowitz and Miller about Miller's planned fourth (3D anime) "Mad Max" got into a little bit of video game talk.

Before providing a little update on the game, Miller made this impressive statement about the potential for games: "Games were the poor cousin to feature films when it came to storytelling but I think it’s flipping. Games allow you be much more like a novelist."

Here's the rest of Josh's exchange about games:

MTV News: What kind of game do you have in mind?

George Miller: It’s a hybrid game. I’m really interested in both the game-play but the actual emotional engagement. I’m curious how much you can engage with the characters through the game-play. It’s an opportunity to make a novel.

MTV News: Timeline?

Miller: I’ve got a couple of years left. We’re in the early stages writing and designing. A really good game you need two and half years. And for good anime you need two years.

MTV News: Are you a game-player?

Miller: Yeah, but not a very good one. You realize that the day has come where our kids talk about games the way we talk about movies and comics. Then I started to get into games and realized, holy cow, there’s real potential here. A live action storyteller who understands story can do a lot to influence the evolution of games.

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