Stats Suggest RPGs Are An Untapped Wii Genre

"Wii Fit" may be the game that sells Wiis, but it's role-playing games fans who give the console some of its heaviest use.


Role-playing game fans love the Wii, it seems.

Among the standout trends in the Nintendo Wii usage stats I've been tracking here each month has been the dedication that role-playing game fans show to the RPGs on the system.

Take the November-released "Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World," which has garnered an average playing time of more than 31 hours per player among the users of Wii's Nintendo Channel.

"Tales" isn't alone. "Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn," released in November of 2007, has an average playing time of over 44 hours. (Maybe it's a "Dawn" thing?)

That puts these games up with the likes of "Super Smash Brothers," "Wii Sports" and "Animal Crossing" among the games that are in heaviest rotation among the Wii owners who have them. Maybe this is no surprise to fans of these role-playing games. The games are long, and they are designed to be finished. But, frankly, they also tend to be afterthoughts.

Few people consider the Wii to be an RPG system. Maybe sales figures bear that out. Nevertheless, the feverishness with which Wii owners play the RPGs that they do get suggests that there's an appetite there hungry for more.

So, what'll it be, Wii publishers? Time to test more RPGs on Nintendo's console, perhaps.

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