British Rating Board Deems 'Resident Evil 5' Scene Not Racist

Troubled by a scene in Capcom's upcoming survival horror game, a gaming writer failed to find his country's ratings board similarly perturbed.


When a writer for website Kikizo had a hands-on preview of "Resident Evil 5," the writer was disturbed by a scene in the game which was said to show an infected group of black villagers dragging a white woman away.

The reviewer wrote, "The scene dovetails smoothly with that classic racist trope of the brutal black male 'corrupting' the white man's womenfolk. There's zero justification for the woman's appearance in the plot - the scene exists, as far as I can see, purely to outrage and titillate players whose cultural background is saturated with such unwholesome ideas."

The site then asked Sue Clark, Head of Communications at the British Board of Film Classification, to comment. She stated that in her viewing of the scene, it has only one man pulling a blonde women in from the balcony and that the single man was not black.

In her statement, she also said, "As the whole game is set in Africa it is hardly surprising that some of the characters are black, just like the fact that some of the characters in an earlier version were Spanish as the game was set in Spain. ... We do take racism very seriously, but in this case there is no issue around racism."

Without having seen it ourselves, we couldn't say either way. We at Multiplayer are currently playing the game and will update you as soon as the review embargo lifts.

BBFC Rubbishes Resident Evil Racism Claims [Kikizo via Kotaku]

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