'Peggle Nights' Is Ruining My Last Day!

I've avoided the "Peggle" phenomenon -- that is, until PopCap Games released "Peggle Nights" for Macs this week, providing no good reason to avoid the pachinko-meets-acid trip of a game, but it's done a serious number on productivity.


If you haven't tried "Peggle" yet, the time is now. PopCap Games is poised to deliver a version of "Peggle" on almost every conceivable platform in the next few months, from Mac to DS to Xbox 360 to iPhone. You must own one of those.

I'd been holding out for the iPhone version, but when a downloadable copy of "Peggle Nights" for Mac showed up on my virtual desk, I took the plunge.

What have I gotten myself into?

Not much for me to say about "Peggle" that hasn't already been said, except to add my glowing late-to-the-party recommendation into the pile. I've already blown half of the adventure mode in "Peggle Nights," on my last day at MTV no less, which already has me thinking: what next?

It's Xbox Live Arcade and iPhone for me. The prospect of four-player voice-connected "Peggle" battles seems irresistible an iPhone's touch screen is perfect for portable "Peggle." As often as my DS is with me, my iPhone is with me more.

Which versions of "Peggle" are you looking at?