Guerrilla Games' Must-Do List For 'Killzone 2'

The PlayStation 3 shooter we've been talking about for years is finally becoming a reality, as "Killzone 2" arrives on shelves today. We asked developer Guerrilla Games producer Sebastian Downie to compile a list of things "Killzone 2" gamers "must do" while playing their game -- here's what he said.

Guerrilla Games Developers’ Must-Do List For Players of

“Killzone 2”

(PlayStation Fantasy Garden Simulator, February 2009)

1. On the mine-train in Tharsis Refinery, find the hidden Boltgun and nail Helghast soldiers to the tunnel walls. Its rewarding in more ways than one.

2. After playing online, go to to view the Battle Replay of your game to see how you can improve your performance. Or you can use it to spy on the tactics deployed by a rival clan.

3. Rank up to Sergeant and create a Clan in-game or on to take part in massive tournaments of up to 256 clans, or challenge rival clans for ‘valor’, the online currency of the game.

4. Keep an eye out for the [GG] Clan when you are online and see if you can take out a developer or two.

5. In the slums of Salamun District wait till the Helghast rappel from the dropship before exploding the yellow barrels. It will take them out in one fiery blast and often enough their burning corpses will swing from the rafters above. Killzone 2 is all about the burning corpses.

6. Upload your single player stats to to compare them with your friends for bragging rights as well as catch up on the latest news, content and gossip on the forums.

7. In Killzone 2 multiplayer for search-and-destroy and capture-and-hold missions: select the tactician badge with the speed boost secondary ability to take one for the team. Rush the objective and pop a spawn point making it much easier for your team to gain the upper hand.

8. When playing online search-and-retrieve missions: Let your enemies do your work for you! As the saboteur, Ambush the delivery location with C4, don a disguise, and wait for your enemy propaganda carrier to come by. Once he blows up, you only need to carry the propaganda speaker a few short steps to victory!

9. In multiplayer: Look at what weapons your fallen adversaries are carrying! By picking up their weapons you can end up with some deadly combinations of abilities and weapons, such as the heavy armor of an assault trooper with the LMG of a rifleman; or a cloaked scout wielding a shotgun (Devastating at close quarters!)

10. When playing multiplayer, press the PS button and bring up the XMB. You can then listen to custom music from your PS3 to go with your killing sprees. Nothing says “Kill the ISA scum” like the super swinging sounds of Burt Bacharach.

11. In Maelstra barrens, rather than wasting valuable ammunition on the traitorous Helghast, step on them with your Exo-skeleton instead. Much more satisfying and you might even get a trophy for it.

12. In multiplayer try to place your gun turrets and sentry bots near spawn markers to offer defense for spawning re-enforcements. Also try to place sentry bots or turrets near your own ammo crates. In short, think carefully about where you place support items and try to place them next to other support items.

13. Use the shotgun close range on enemy heads to blow them apart like ripe fruit. Also makes a very satisfying squishy noise.

14. To see what the AI is capable of, why not add some bots to your multiplayer games. They will perform most of the abilities human players can and not complain if you team-kill or tea-bag them.


How many of these are you going to do?

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