When 50 Cent Played 'Rock Band'

50 Cent

Wrapping up my coverage of my 50 Cent interview from earlier this week, I had to share this one "Rock Band" story he told me at the G-Unit offices regarding the first time he played MTV's game. It's a little short on details, but use your imagination...


From my 50 Cent interview earlier this week, at the moment when I asked him if he'd played any music-based games:

50 Cent: I saw ["Rock Band"] for the first time at MTV when we were waiting to go on the finale of TRL. They had it set up in the actual dressing room. You should have seen it. it was the most funniest thing ever.

MTV Multiplayer: What were you playing?

50 Cent: [Fellow G-Unit member] Tony [Yayo] was singing. I was trying to play the drums. And Whoo Kid had the guitar.

MTV Multiplayer: Do you remember what songs you were playing?

50 Cent: It was rock joints. A few rock songs where we knew a little bit. So it was funny watching us try and sing it.


Note from Stephen: I checked in with folks here at MTV and, unfortunately, the G-Unit's "Rock Band" performance was not captured for posterity -- for better or worse.

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