EA Sports MotionPlus Games Won't Wait For Nintendo

Here's the latest in our attempt to solve the mystery of when Wii MotionPlus is coming out and how the release confusion will affect games that support it.


Two pieces of news didn't square with each other yesterday.

Nintendo announced a spring Wii and DS line-up that didn't include the formerly spring-dated "Wii Sports Resort," the game that was supposed to come bundled with the Wii MotionPlus add-on.

But EA announced that "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10" and "EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis" would both support MotionPlus and -- this is key -- ship on June 16, 2009.

It's possible that MotionPlus will be out by then, with or without "Wii Sports Resort," but Nintendo isn't saying. The company has been unable to provide MTV Multiplayer with any clarity about the release plans of the peripheral or the game. The game had been listed as a "spring 2009" release but is now listed on Nintendo's press site simply as a "2009" game.

I reached out to EA yesterday to find out what they know about MotionPlus' release date and whether their games may be coming to market before the peripheral does. Here's the response I got from EA Sports pr chief David Tinson: "'Tiger' and 'Tennis' will be compatible, but not dependent, on WMP. They will ship with the functionality, regardless of when WMP comes to market."

Nintendo's got some wiggle room here. The last dated game release on the company's schedule is the June 8 DS game "Legendary Starfy." So it's not as if Nintendo has committed other Wii software to the mid-June timeframe of EA's releases.

Would it make sense for "Wii Sports Resort," a vacation-themed version of "Wii Sports" to come out at the start of summer, in time to introduce the MotionPlus to EA Sports fans? Sure. But until Nintendo shares more details, there's a chance that EA's games will reap the benefits of Nintendo's add-on only after release.

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