Game Diary - February 27, 2009: Bad 'Puzzle Quest' News

I'm sorry to write in today's Diary that "Puzzle Quest" has a most unexpected flaw: loading times.


"Puzzle Quest: Galactrix" on the DS may have many nice things going for it, but it is plagued with frequent and surprisingly long load times.

Those load times are "only" about four to five seconds long, but they occur before the start of every puzzle, during the selection of most of the game's missions, during moments of checking one's inventory.

It adds up.

Load times in a DS game? Such a disappointment.

To the game's benefit, I haven't bailed on it yet. I'm enjoying the integration of sci-fi fiction into match-three puzzle mechanics -- more than I did the integration of similar puzzle gaming into the fantasy role-playing game lore of the first "Puzzle Quest." I like using a puzzle game to hack computers, attack spaceships and mine asteroids.

But frequent load times in a DS puzzle game. Really?

Next: I expect a weekend filled with "Resident Evil 5," "Little Big Planet" and a dash of "Noby Noby Boy," "Flower" and maybe "Burnout Paradise."