'Monsters vs. Aliens' Takes A Cue From…'God of War'?

The last comparison I expected to draw from this week's "Monsters vs. Aliens" demo was "God of War," but that's exactly what part of Activision's adaptation of DreamWorks' animated film felt like -- including ripping out a cyclops' (well…robot's) eye!


Activision may have intended for their adaptation of upcoming DreamWorks animated feature "Monsters vs. Aliens" to be directed at children, but the development team was clearly big fans of "God of War."

Yes, "God of War." In the "Monsters vs. Aliens" demo released on Xbox Live yesterday, there three playable characters, including The Missing Link, a reptile-looking creature whose gameplay style is, well, like Kratos.

The Missing Link section starts out as your average beat 'em up, but the development team's influences become obvious after realizing the second analog stick acts as a dodge mechanic. Up, down, left, right -- each movement of the second analog stick rolls The Missing Link out of the way, just like Kratos.

My first thought: maybe I'm looking too into it. Then, I reached the end of The Missing Link's section in the demo and found undeniable proof of my hunch.

Doesn't that remind you of...


Clearly, the segment in "Monsters vs. Aliens" is a goofier than what's presented in "God of War," but the similarities are obvious. Small world!