'Dead Space Extraction' Dev Says Wii Is 'Very Powerful,' Classifies Game As A 'Guided First Person Experience'

The acclaimed "Dead Space" series is coming to the Wii later this year, in the form of "Dead Space Extraction." In an e-mail interview, the game's executive producer has revealed a ton details to us about the game's story, controls and more.


MTV Multiplayer: "Dead Space Extraction" has been described as a prequel, a spin-off and even as an alternate history. How exactly does this game fit in to the original game, the comics and the rest of the lore that's out there? This game is canon, right?

"'Extraction' ... crosses paths with some you've seen before in the comic, animated feature or even "Dead Space.

Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer on 'Dead Space Extraction': It's a prequel that tells the story of a small band of survivors trying to escape the hell on Aegis 7 and get back to the Ishimura. Obviously they have no idea what awaits them there. We created a huge, rich story with thousands of people, deep subplots and many twists and turns in our original manuscript for the franchise. "Extraction" follows one of those plots with all new characters but also crosses paths with some you've seen before in the comic, animated feature or even "Dead Space." It's a finely woven thread that will give the player an all new vantage point to witness and be a part of the amazing chaos and action that happened weeks prior to Isaac arriving. Plus, "Extraction" also has some great twists, turns and surprises of it's own. It's a really cool story on it's own.

MTV Multiplayer: "Dead Space Extraction" has been announced as a first-person addition to the Dead Space franchise. I understand that that means the game will be on-rails, as opposed to being a standard first-person shooter, but can you clarify exactly what kind of game this is and how we'll be playing it?

"'Dead Space Extraction' is a Guided First Person Experience."

Papoutsis: "Dead Space Extraction" is a Guided First Person Experience. The player will be presented with many choices as they play the game, ranging from which path they wish to explore to maneuvering in Zero-G. The game is being developed from the ground up to leverage the unique controls of the Nintendo Wii. Players will use their Wii Remote to aim and dismember oncoming enemies as well as use other mechanics from "Dead Space" such as Stasis and Telekinesis to name a few. When we started designing Extraction, it was important to us to make sure the Controls on the Wii felt natural and made sense. Having the use of motion controls opened up a lot of interesting possibilities for the game that we hope players will enjoy.

MTV Multiplayer: Are we still going to be dismembering enemies in Dead Space Extraction or is this a more standard shooting game?

Papoutsis:You bet! Limbs and Sacks will be flying everywhere, plus we have all new enemies and bosses to test your skills.

MTV Multiplayer: What kind of support does Dead Space Extraction have for multiple players?

" We want player 2 to feel just as involved and important as player 1."

Papoutsis:One of my favorite new features in Extraction is our Co-Op play. Say you are playing the story mode at home and a friend drops by, with the push of a button on your second Wii Remote your friend can jump in with you and start blasting apart Necromoprhs.

It is very important to us that people can play with their friends. Our game offers players a lot of strategy options, one person can focus on Dismemberment while the other is using Stasis to slow down enemies for example. So far when we play we are having a great time figuring out what the best strategy to use is on our variety of enemies and encounters.

Another important goal for us is to make sure that both players always feel engaged, challenged and are using their skills in the game. We want player 2 to feel just as involved and important as player 1 throughout the game.

MTV Multiplayer: The Xbox 360 and PS3 Dead Space gave gamers an excellent sense of horror through high-end graphics and surround sound. For those uncertain about whether the Wii is powerful enough to deliver similar scares, what can you say?

Papoutsis:It has been great developing 'Extraction' on the Wii. The system is very powerful and so far we think we are doing a good job of recreating the same great Atmosphere as seen in Dead Space. If you have a chance, take a look at our first trailer video, that is 100% gameplay footage. So far I’m very happy with the visuals the team has been able to achieve. We won’t stop where we are now though, we are always trying to improve.

Thanks for the interview Stephen; I hope we can talk more about Dead Space Extraction soon or better yet play some Co-op together.

MTV Multiplayer: Thanks for your time. I'm looking forward to the game.

[All images taken from the first "Dead Space: Extraction" trailer.]

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