ESRB Confirms Belching And Glute-Flexing In 'Punch-Out!' Wii

This morning's announcement that "Punch-Out!" is coming to the Wii this May reminded me that I know very little about the game. The boxart and trailer confirm that King Hippo, Glass Joe and Von Kaiser are back for this one. For other details, however, I had to turn to the ESRB...

From the ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) description of Nintendo's upcoming "Punch-Out!" for the Wii:

This is a boxing game in which players compete in boxing matches against a cast of colorful, fictional characters. While players can use standard boxing moves (jabs, hooks, uppercuts), most fights are performed in a comical fashion with an assortment of "dizzy stars," "cartoony" sound effects, and slapstick signature moves (e.g., growling, dropping shorts, conking oneself on the head, twirling, etc.). Boxers' faces show lumps and bruises after taking damage, and some knockouts are depicted in slow motion as players are sent flying across the canvass. One character flexes his pectoral and glute muscles prior to a fight, while another boxer belches during a cutscene.

So that confirms... which characters? Who flexes, Super Macho Man? And who belches? Soda Popinski? Any "Punch-Out" experts want to weigh in?

By the way, the game's rated E10+.

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