Game Diary - February 26, 2009: No Medics Yet In 'Killzone 2'

No one's healing anyone yet in "Killzone 2."


The "Killzone 2" servers were live last night, allowing me to finally play the game's multiplayer mode. And already, I'm getting worked in it!

It's not all bad for me.

I earned enough points (30) to merit my first class promotion. Now I'm a corporal and can lead squads. If I earn about 300 more I can become a master sergeant and play as a medic. Even if I don't reach this threshold soon, I hope someone does, because on Day One of "Killzone 2" online play, among the dozens of players I played with and against, there were no medics. And without medics, there were no battlefield revivals, just a lot of slow death and waiting for spawns.

We need medics, people. Stat!

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