iPhone vs. PC Multiplayer Coming Soon

Multiplayer isn't a big deal for iPhone gaming yet, but in 2009, we should start seeing more developers experiment with the idea, such as InstantAction's plan to enable iPhone gamers to take on PC users of the popular strategy game "Galcon."


There are only a few iPhone games with any form of multiplayer. "Scrabble," for example, allows multiplayer -- but only over the same Wi-Fi hot spot.

Such untested boundaries will be broken soon, though. While meeting with InstantAction about their new web technology, they revealed plans to start getting more ambitious with iPhone gaming, including multiplayer.

"Galcon" is a popular planet capturing strategy game already on the iPhone that already includes some robust multiplayer, including Internet-based play with other iPhone users, but like "Scrabble," it requires access to a Wi-Fi point.

With "Galcon" now on the PC, however, one of those restrictions will be lifting. The InstantAction guys told me they're actively working to allow InstantAction "Galcon" players to go head-to-head with "Galcon" iPhone users in a future update.

You'll still need to be on a Wi-Fi spot for the time being, though.

"Galcon" is simple enough for the multiplayer to remain competitive. Can you think of any other iPhone games this might work for?

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