'Lost' Theories -- Leading Into Tonight's Episode 7

Last week's "Lost" was crazy, and leaves us with plenty of questions and theories for tonight's episode. Can anyone please answer these questions? We're got a mountain of mysteries to solve.


Spoiler Warning: While we know nothing about season five’s fourth episode, the rest of this post will gleefully spoil events from previously aired shows.

Last week's "Lost" re-booted the plots of several castaways who are now back on the island and once again harboring mysterious (recent) pasts. Core characters like Kate, Sayid, and Hurley all have some explaining to do about how and why they got on the plane that got them back to the island. Here are some of the burning questions:

1) What's in Hurley's guitar case? Hurley boarded the Ajira flight last week playing the role of Charlie from the first flight of the series. But what's he packing in his guitar caase? Guns?  Aaron's corpse? Gas masks for when he turns on everyone?

2) Why's Kate being weird? Kate boarded the Ajira flight playing the role of Kate from the first flight of the series. She's acting shady again, and she won't let Jack ask her about Aaron. Why's she being weird? Because she's on now an agent of Charles Widmore, just like Hurley (according to my wife, at least).

3) What's up with prisoner-Sayid and his minder? Sayid boarded the Ajira flight also playing the role of Kate from the first flight of the series. He's doing the fugitice bit and has a minder with him. Who is she? Another Widmore agent? Same goes for the guy who offered Jackhis condolences about Locke (who, of course, is playing the role of Jack's dad on this flight).

4) Why is Ben so bloody? The easy guess is that he just got finished killing Penny and/or Desmond, his so-called favor he was taking care of for a friend. That's not the Ben we know. He doesn't get his hands (or face) bloody. Alternate theory... nuts. I don't have one. Sorry, Penny.

5) What about Sun? There seems to be no intrigue about Sun's placement on the flight at all. She's just there. Is she a Widmore agent? A Ben agent? I hate to say it, but I think she's just a bit-player in this one.

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