Microsoft Offering Different Discounts To Silver and Gold Xbox Live Users

Microsoft's new "Deal of the Week" program for paying members of Xbox Live, won't replace deals for non-paying members, the company told MTV Multiplayer.


Microsoft's "Deal of the Week" promotion is now going to be a regular staple of the service, Xbox evangelist Major Nelson announced on Monday.

The catch? The promotions are only for paying, Gold-level subscribers of Xbox Live. For example, this week, "Braid" is only 800 Microsoft Points ($10). Silver users, however, are still asked to pay 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) for the game.

Previous versions of the promotion were available to all members of Xbox Live, Gold and Silver alike, such as a December "Deal of the Week" discounting a downloadable Foo Fighters album for "Rock Band."

Though "Deal of the Week" is for Gold-level users, Microsoft told MTV Multiplayer this does not signal the end of promotions for the rest of the community.

"'Deal of the week” isn’t replacing any other promotions," said a Microsoft spokesperson over e-mail. "It’s just an additional benefit for LIVE Gold members. There will continue to be promotions for the broader LIVE community as well."

What do you think of Microsoft's attempt to enhance the benefits of a Gold subscription? Would this convince you to sign up?

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