Sony's 2009 Lineup Extends Into March 2010

The 2009 PlayStation 3 lineup Sony recently announced caused some to raise eyebrows, but today's PSP news delivered clarification about when we'll be playing "God of War III," "Heavy Rain," and others: their release window extends into March 2010.


"Uncharted 2: Among Thieves," "God of War III," "Heavy Rain," "MAG" and "Heavy Rain" may not all arrive before 2009 comes to a close, despite what Sony seemed to suggest last week.

Sony released news from their Destination PlayStation conference this morning, and in addition to announcing "Rock Band," LittleBigPlanet" and others for PSP, it brought clarity to Sony's release schedule for their PS3 releases.

The aforementioned PS3 exclusives are all slated to arrive during Sony's fiscal year, which goes until March 31, 2010. That gives them until next spring.

Which games do you want to see them deliver first?

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