EA Transformed Golf Last Week, Adding Beach Balls And Microtransactions

EA's Beach Ball Microtransaction For Its Golf TournamentForget fretting about microtransactions in video games for a moment and take a look at how, tongue-in-corporate-cheek, Electronic Arts added microtransactions to a charity game of real golf, last week in Las Vegas.


The following flyer was presented to participants of EA's sixth annual charity golf tournament last Wednesday during the DICE Summit in Las Vegas. I didn't attend, but needed to get the details once I heard that the golf match was played using micro-transactions.

Take a look at EA's special micropayment golf rules:

EA's DICE 2009 Golf Rules

EA's DICE 2009 Golf Rules

You can read a little more about the tournament at GameDaily. I was told by people who attended the tournament that about $600 was spent on the microtransactions, all going to the Randy Pausch Scholarship Fund, which provides gaming-education scholarships for Carnegie Mellon University.

Sadly, I don't know how many times the beach ball maneuver was used.

Would you play a game of golf with these rules?

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