'Lost Planet 2' Announced, Three-Player Mechs Revealed

'Lost Planet 2'

Capcom's sequel announcement packed a few surprises today, including the bizarre fact that "Lost Planet 2" won't have a main character.


Capcom announced "Lost Planet 2" this morning with a debut trailer and developer interview posted on the Xbox Live Marketplace. You can watch the trailer elsewhere, but stick around here for a minute to explore some of the newly revealed details.

As if swapping locales with the "Uncharted" series, the new "Lost Planet" appears to be set at least partially in the jungle ("Uncharted 2," formerly in the jungle recently had a debut trailer place it at least partially amid "Lost Planet"-quality snow).

The game's director, Kenji Oguro, states in an interview attached to the trailer that the original game's frozen planet, E.D.N.III "has experienced a massive change in climate which has melted the snow and created brand new environments, such as jungles." That "such as" implies that "Lost Planet 2" won't only be jungle-bound.

Also revealed in the interview is that the game won't have a single main character which the first "Lost Planet" -- and most third-person action games --  do. "There are various different groups of Snow Pirates living on E.D.N.III," Oguro stated. "The story in 'Lost Planet 2' will be told from the perspectives of some of those different groups."

The gameplay has been changed for co-op, which Oguro says was a requested feature of the first game. Some shots I took of the trailer show what appears to be a game designed for three players. In one shot we've got three soldiers staging an assault together.

'Lost Planet 2'

And in the sequence that follows, we see a mech get boarded by the three soldiers and commence a three-barrelled assault. Look carefully at the image below and you should be able to make out the heads and shoulders of the three seated characters in the mech.

'Lost Planet 2'

No release date was given for the game, nor a list of platforms. We'll have more on this... someday.