Why 'Burnout Paradise''s 'Back to the Future' Car Costs More

Criterion recently debuted four cars as paid DLC for "Burnout Paradise," including one that EA says has good reason to cost $2 more than the rest.


The "Legendary Cars" pack for "Burnout Paradise" is here.

If you were excited to only purchase the "Back to the Future"-inspired downloadable content for "Burnout Paradise," however, and wondered why the DeLorean cost more than any other vehicle individually, we have your answer.

"It's because it can drive and fly (time travel is free :))," said an Electronic Arts spokesperson in an e-mail last week.

The DeLorean, otherwise known as the Janesen 88, costs $3.99 when purchased on its own. Every other car in the "Legendary Cars" pack is only $1.99 each. If purchased as a $7.99 bundle, the averaged pricing is the same.

As EA points out, though, the Janesen 88 is the only car of the bunch that is capable of lifting off the ground with just a click of a button.

If that's all you're looking for, is that worth another $2 to you?

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