First Look At NASA MMO

For those wanting to play a space MMO but aren't into say, "EVE Online" or "Star Trek Online," there's the new NASA MMO. The subscription-based exploration RPG "Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond" will be released next year.


The space MMO race continues. Big Download got a first look at the NASA MMO "Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond," a new subscription-based MMO that utilizes Unreal Engine 3. Developed by Virtual Heroes, the company behind "America's Army," the game is a "first-person-exploration" title that has both single-player and team-based missions. The game will be based on real NASA technology and using NASA's digital assets.

The first playable demo of the game will be available this Fall with the first episodic installment of the game launching next year.

Check out the extensive preview and interview at Big Download. [Thanks, Kyle!]

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