DICE 2009: Jokes That Mock Top Game Developers

How do you warm up a crowd full of game developers and publishers at a video game awards show? Make fun of some star developers. For example, say you're comedian Jay Mohr on Thursday night and you have Cliff Bleszinski in your sights...


Here is how Jay Mohr mocked some top game designers during his intro to the 12th annual Interactive Achievement Awards.

About Cliff Bleszinski dropping the "y" from his first name so he could seem more adult: "That worked well for Rick Schroder."

Targeting Alex Rigopulos, whose Harmonix studio just donated $50,000 and 650 copies of the original "Rock Band" to sick kids: "We've got sick kids playing moldy copies of 'Rock Band.'" .... and ... acknowledging Rigopulous' newfound wealth ... "Couldn't you add another zero to that check?"

Aiming at space-faring gaming legend Richard Garriott: "That guy used 30 million to launch himself into space. Maybe he should have used that to launch 'Tabula Rasa.'"

For Todd Howard of "Fallout 3" fame, complaining about the time-suck of a game with 100 hours of gameplay -- an amount of time in which someone could earn a pilot's license: "Guys are landing planes on the Hudson. I'm decorating a shack in Megaton."

At Alex Evans of "LittleBigPlanet," about Evans and team's make-it-yourself hit: "It's like buying CD, plugging it in, and then having to go buy all the instruments."

Who didn't Mohr mock? The makers of "Grand Theft Auto IV." He said he couldn't joke about the game: "If you want to watch an awards show about thugs beating up ho's watch the Grammys."


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