New 'God of War III' Trailer, Screens -- It's Epic

There was something wrong with the first "God of War III" trailer. This new one fixes that.  Also: new screens of "God of War III" in action.


If you finished "God of War II," there was a clear indication of what was supposed to happen in the sequel.

Certain mythological characters were supposed to appear in a "God of War III." Series anti-hero Kratos shouldn't have just been fighting more skeletal warriors for "God of War III." Things were supposed to be more grand.

It looks like Sony will deliver on that.

Make sure you watch this trailer to the end. The last minute is when it gets special.

"God of War III" is a first-party PS3 exclusive. We don't have a confirmed release date yet.

NOTE: A Sony rep confirmed that the trailer's action is taken from gameplay. But franchise fans will notice the absence of some signature elements. Enemies here aren't dropping light orbs. The person playing the game isn't being given on-screen button prompts as he or she goes in for the gory mini-boss kills. Sony has confirmed to us that those elements were removed from the trailer for presentation purposes only.

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