'BioShock,' 'Fallout 3' Creators Discuss 'Killzone 2' Review Reaction [video]

Remember how so many reviewers said that "Killzone 2" didn't have much in its single-player campaign that was new? And remember how people couldn't agree if that was a problem or not? At last week's Comic-Con panel, N'Gai Croal and I asked 2K Boston's Ken Levine ("BioShock") and Bethesda Softworks' Todd Howard ("Fallout 3") all about that and the disputable value of "newness."

(This is the second of a daily series of posts showing clips from last week’s New York Comic-Con panel — click the jump if the two clips in today’s post don’t play back-to-back.)

Segment 1 (same content as above, part one)

Segment 2 (same content as above, part two)

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