'FusionFall' Developers Say Wii, iPhone Are Possibilities

Want more of Dexter, the Powerpuff Girls and Ben10? Over the weekend at New York Comic Con, I spoke with the developers of the new Cartoon Network MMOG "FusionFall," and they hinted that one day we might see the game on other devices.


During New York Comic Con this past weekend, I met with the developers of the new MMO "FusionFall," a browser-based game with free-to-play portions as well as paid subscription content. In discussing online games, the topic of connectivity with other devices came up.

"I think we're going to see more cross-platform-type stuff," said content designer and writer Matt Schwartz, commenting on industry-wide trends. "Like where I can interact with my character or buy things a la carte via multiple devices, whether it's my PC or my phone, or any number of devices."

I asked whether or not we'd see applications to check players' "FusionFall" stats on other devices, like the unofficial ones that have cropped up for "World of Warcraft" in the iPhone app store.

"Yeah, that's certainly a possibility," Schwartz said. "We're not announcing anything but Unity [the game's client technology] is supported on the iPhone and the Wii. Actually, our tech director had a mock-up of our little avatars running around on an iPhone, so it's certainly possible, but there's a lot of backend we need to explore. They're extensions that are within the realm of possibility, but there's nothing planned -- we're exploring."

We also spoke about the business model of MMOs, and executive producer Chris Waldron explained that it's best to decide on a business model first and then design your game with that in mind. I wondered if their business model would still work with a hypothetical Wii version of their game.

Waldron answered carefully saying, "We knew what our plan was. Now to evolve that beyond where we are going... one of the things could be Wii, yeah. That'd be a good evolution for the game."

"FusionFall" was released on January 14 and is available for download at the official website.