Ken Levine, Todd Howard Highlights From Our Comic Con Panel [UPDATE]

Our New York Comic Con panel, co-moderated by Newsweek's N'Gai Croal and featuring "Fallout 3" exec. producer Todd Howard and "BioShock" mastermind Ken Levine, is over, but if you weren't following our Twitter, here are some highlights, including word Howard is working on an iPhone game and Levine addressing his next project and multiplayer.


[Note: These are abbreviated quotes, as transcribed by Tracey, while sitting in the audience and providing notes via our Twitter feed]

On how achievements have changed games…

Todd Howard: Achievements and Trophies have really changed the way we play and make games. Thought more about them for "Fallout 3."

Ken Levine: Achievements changed the way gamers interact with each other. We're not just shooting each other in the head. We're peeping scores.

On "BioShock 2" [which Levine is not personally working on]…

Levine: Is he worried about fans? It's a fine line to walk with the fan base. The customer is always right but there's no singular customer. Must take into account what fans want, what they don't know they want and what they think they want.

If Levine's next game will include multiplayer...

Levine: Not interested in multiplayer space, but COD guys do what they do well.

UPDATE from Stephen: There's been some confusion about this bit, so I'd like to flesh it out. Levine said that he hadn't been focused on multiplayer gaming for most of his career but had -- without revealing specifics about his new project -- been thinking about it a lot in the past year. Todd Howard said he's not been into Multplayer but has been hooked on "Call of Duty: World of War."

On gamers' reactions to game endings…

Howard: I think it's good that people discussed "BioShock" and "Fallout 3" endings because they did finish them and react to them.

Levine: His first reaction to players' thoughts on "BioShock" ending - People got to the end?

Their favorite game from last year…

Levine: "King's Bounty," a Russian strategy game. Played a ton of it.

Howard: "Can I say Fallout 3?"

On the past, present and future of downloadable content…

Howard: "Oblivion" horse armor... agreed that it cost too much. [With] "Fallout 3" - We gave you 10x the game for $60, sorry. We try to jam as much into game as possible. DLC purely added onto game. We have one team, we started on our next big game. There is no formula we have for it.

Levine: DLC is such a new part of our business, the answer is what the f--- do we know?

How did you enjoy the panel?