'Chinese Democracy' Comes To 'Rock Band' This Spring

"Rock Band 2" featured a single track off the mythical "Chinese Democracy" album from Guns 'n Roses and since the record's release, rumors swirled the entire album would hit "Rock Band," rumors an MTV Games spokesperson confirmed today.


Not only can you purchase a physical copy of the long-delayed Guns 'n Roses "Chinese Democracy" at your local Best Buy, but this spring, "Chinese Democracy" is coming to "Rock Band" as a full album of downloadable content.

Rumors inched closer to reality this morning, when Guns 'n Roses frontman Axl Rose told Billboard "Chinese Democracy" was coming to "Rock Band" on February 28.

An MTV Games spokesperson told us Rose was speaking the truth, but clarified "Chinese Democracy" wouldn't arrive in playable form until sometime this spring.

"They [MTV Games / Harmonix] felt the record-based on the nature and complexity of the depth of instrumentation-deserved a bit more attention and some more involved elements than they've generally dealt with," said Rose in the interview. "I have no idea what that means but it's my understanding they were very enthusiastic."

"Chinese Democracy" is appreciated, but the real question lingers: what about "Appetite for Destruction"? "November Rain" demands the full "Rock Band" experience.

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