Square Enix Stock Lowest In 5 Years, Following Unexplained Earnings Delay

The "Final Fantasy" publisher is in hot water today, reports Bloomberg, after Square Enix stock fell 11% on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the lowest for Square Enix in five years, after delaying a report on its earnings results by a week.


Every week, video game publishers are layoffs and restructuring plans for 2009, as the video games industry struggles with a difficult world economy.

Square Enix was scheduled to issue their earnings financial results today in Japan, but Bloomberg reports the publisher has pushed them back a week, until February 12.

The delay has had serious repercussions for the "Final Fantasy" company's stock price, falling 11% on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, its lowest point in the past five years.

So far, there's no word on what caused the report's delay.

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