'The Warriors' Returns To Video Games This Summer On Xbox 360

The classic gang movie "The Warriors" turns 30 this year and to celebrate, Paramount Digital Entertainment is creating a new video game. We've got the world-exclusive screenshots here and a handful of details.


The 30th anniversary celebration of "The Warriors" will see the launch of an Xbox Live Arcade game based on the cult classic movie. The game comes from publisher Paramount Digital Entertainment and development studio CTXM, creators of XBLA titles "Heavy Weapon" and "Feeding Frenzy." (No, Rockstar Games, developers of the 2005 "Warriors" game are not involved.)

The game looks to feature the movie's key gangs, such as the Warriors and Baseball Furies, in a classic beat-em-up format.

"The Warriors" anniversary will also see the release of a comic book series from Dabel Bros., and, according to a Paramount rep, "other products and entertainment."

The downloadable game is slated for a mid-summer release. It's the second 2009 downloadable console game associated with a movie so far, the other being the forthcoming co-op brawler based on "The Watchmen."