'Warhammer' Userbase Below Launch Sign-Up Mark

During EA's earnings call yesterday afternoon, it was said that "Warhammer Online" has over 300,000 paying subscribers in North America and Europe. This is in contrast to the 500,000 who signed up in its first week of release last September.


In a conference call detailing the company's financial results for Q3 2009, Electronic Arts revealed that "Warhammer Online" has over 300,000 paying subscribers in North America and Europe.

The MMORPG started with an impressive 500,000 account sign-ups when it launched last September. And despite recent layoffs at the company, the game continues to launch in other countries (in Russia tomorrow) and add new features, such as the live expansion announced last week.

In an interview with MTV Multiplayer last August before launch, Mythic head Mark Jacobs stated that one way to measure the success of an MMO is to look at the server additions. "The corollary to that," he said during the interview, "is if you've seen a game consolidate servers, you know it's in deep, deep trouble -- that's not a healthy sign for an MMO. It will be the same for 'Warhammer.' Look at us six months out. Look at us six weeks out. If we're not adding servers, we're not doing well."

"Warhammer Online" has neither added nor reduced its servers since launch. However, Mythic did offer free character transfers from low population servers to high ones for realm balance last November.

Does this news strike you as the normal growing pains of an MMO or worrisome signs of decline?

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