Community Manager Posts 'Diablo 3' Screens With Unicorn, Rainbow, Marshmallow Man

Just when we thought the great art style controversy of "Diablo 3" had died down, the game's community manager posted a pair of altered screenshots featuring unicorns, rainbows and... the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?


You may remember the huge controversy surrounding the new art direction of "Diablo 3" that we covered extensively last summer.

And when we attended BlizzCon 2008 in October, it was clear that Blizzard employees -- like executive vice president Rob Pardo -- had a sense of humor about the whole thing as he wore a staff-made "Diablo 3" T-shirt featuring ponies, sunshine and rainbows.

Late last week on the forums, fans joked about how the new Cow Level should be the "Unicorn and Rainbow Level" and how the Thousand Pounder (the large boss seen in gameplay) should wear the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man hat. In response, Blizzard poster Bashiok (a.k.a. Micah, the game's community manager) linked to two altered screenshots. Here they are:

Forum posters were either amused or angered by the images. I found them quite funny, but judge for yourself.

[ Forums - Topic: Thousand Pounder via ECA Newsletter]

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