Best iPhone Tower Defense Game, 'Fieldrunners,' Gets Much Needed Update

Desktop tower defense games are designed to be repetitive in a good way, but once you've mastered the solution to a particular map, the charm quickly disappears, which is why today's "Fieldrunners" update, adding a new map and more tower options free of charge, is so appreciated.


"Fieldrunners," the best desktop tower defense variation on the platform (though "7 Cities" gives it a run for its money) received its first major update, introducing a much-needed new map, Drylands, two new towers, a new enemy type and the expected assortment of big fixes and performance tweaks.

Xbox Live and PlayStation Network have lead to a proliferation of patches for console games, but it's a feature adopted from the PC platform that wasn't part of the handheld space until the iPhone and iPod Touch made it user-friendly.

The full list of tweaks, according to Touch Arcade:

* Mortar tower. With a destructive payload & explosive force the mortar tower obliterates enemies in a single devastating attack.

* Flame tower. The flame tower is capable of incinerating multiple fieldrunners in a single fiery swoop.

* New Map: Drylands. With multiple paths snaking thru the dried-out canyon riverbed, it gives the fieldrunners ample chance to escape.

* New Fieldrunner: the P-47 Thunderbolt. These blazing fast planes tear through the sky over the fields at an incredible speed.

* Sell without penalty. A tower that is both purchased and sold while the game is paused will not incur a score or price penalty.

* Faster load times. The time required to start a new game or resume a previously saved game has been significantally reduced.

* Updated game icon. The game icon has been changed to reflect the color palette of the new map.

* Improved lightning visuals. The lightning bolt discharged by the tesla tower now emits light and animates more realistically.

* Autosave. The autosave feature saves your progress every round to protect you against crashes or freezes.

These additions have been highly desired by "Fieldrunners" experts, of which I am not. I'm still working on finishing up the second map of the game; Drylands is locked away from me until then… any tips?

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