The Week in Multiplayer -- Our 5 Favorite Stories

Even though I was stuck in jury duty this week, we still brought you a slew of interviews, previews, videos and more. Our top five includes "Halo" nuptials, why "Resident Evil 5" should play more like "Dead Space," and the... guillotine-spanking of "Bayonetta." Of course.


Exclusive: Watch The 'Halo' Wedding Ceremony: On January 17, gamers Desirai and John exchanged vows at their "Halo"-themed wedding with the ceremony officiated by a man dressed as Master Chief. Our own Multiplayer editor Stephen Totilo was there to witness the nuptials firsthand in Orlando, Florida.

Argument: 'Resident Evil 5' Needs To Be More Like 'Dead Space': When word broke that Capcom was incorporating a "Gears of War"-style control scheme into "Resident Evil 5," gamers rejoiced, but this week's "RE5" demo proves implementing only part of that system isn't enough; you need to go all the way, something "Dead Space" did and "RE5" doesn't.

Guillotine-Spanking And Other Weird Things I Saw In 'Bayonetta': I saw — but wasn't allowed to play — Sega and Platinum Games' "Bayonetta" at a press event in New York City today. And I saw some bizarre things in this game, bizarre even for a game that stars a woman whose skintight outfit is made of her long and aggressive (!) hair.

'Guitar Hero: Metallica' Designer Discusses Old Bassist, Dangerous Slayer Lyrics, More: We recently met with the lead designer of "Guitar Hero: Metallica," and he told us what Slayer track didn't make the cut, why Cliff Burton isn’t in it, what it was like to mo-cap Robert Trujillo's braids and more.

The iPhone Gaming Review, Week 1: Old School Platforming Alive And Well: The lack of buttons on the iPhone hasn't stopped a number of developers from making games requiring them, including vintage-style platforming games (we're talking "Commander Keen" here) that appear to be leading a healthy lifestyle on the application store.