Activision CEO Confirms 'DJ Hero' Coming

Up until now, "DJ Hero" has been only a rumor, but in an interview with CNBC, Activision Blizzard CEO Robert Kotick confirmed "DJ Hero," calling it a is a real project scheduled to be released later this year.


"DJ Hero" is real, according to statements caught by Eurogamer made by Activision Blizzard CEO Robert Kotick while talking to news station CNBC about the state of the economy.

Kotick was asked about the future of the physical distribution, where he pointed out how successful Activision Blizzard has been with products like "Guitar Hero," which feature a physical component. Furthering that model, he said, is a game we predicted last year, "DJ Hero."

"We have this project called 'DJ Hero' that's coming out later this year," said Kotick, "which is a turn table that you actually can play competitively and spin discs and mix songs."

No other details on "DJ Hero" were disclosed, but the rumored competition to "Scratch: The Ultimate DJ" is rumor no more.

Are you excited for "DJ Hero"?

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