What We're NOT Playing (Sorry 'Gears of War 2' And 'Mirror's Edge')

Can you tell we're still working through our backlog from 2008? The first month of 2009 is almost over, but we're still mulling over which games from last year we need to push through before we can really enjoy what 2009 has to offer.


Patrick’s Not Playing...

Gears of War 2(Xbox 360)

The reason he’s writing about not playing last year’s shooter yet again: Even though I declared a few weeks back I’d be starting “Gears of War 2” with a friend, that was running under the previous assumption that I wasn’t having much fun with Fable II. A few hours of enhanced combat later, however, and I’m suddenly loving my time in Albion and have put off killing underground monsters a little bit longer. Soon, “Gears of War,” soon.

Stephen's Not Playing...

"Mirror's Edge" (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Why he had expected to play it again: This was supposed to be the week that "Mirror's Edge" got several new levels of downloadable content. That content's been delayed, at least most of it. Do I turn on the game for one exclusive PS3 level today? Or do I keep it in the stack with "Fable II" and "Fallout 3," two other games that now have DLC that I'm not ready to play.