PlayStation Sales Drop Across The Board, Nintendo Continues To Soar

It's not the happiest of days for the PlayStation brand, as Sony reported its third quarter sales this morning and declared a sales decline across their entire hardware line -- PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP -- while Nintendo continued to see profits due to the ongoing worldwide success of Wii and DS.


It's a tough economy and Sony is well aware of that. While reporting their third quarter results today, the company said sales year-over-year for all three of their hardware platforms -- PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PSP -- were down.

Operating revenue at Sony's gaming division, reports, isdown 32.2 percent compared to 2007. The company did report a rise in software sales for the PlayStation 3, but that news was countered by declines in software sales on PlayStation 2 and PSP.

While Sony can't seem to catch a break, Nintendo remains wildly profitable, reporting sales for the nine-month period of April 2008 to December. Overall, Nintendo saw their sales rise a total of 17% over sales in 2007.

The company has shipped almost 100 million pieces of DS hardware worldwide so far. That's to say nothing of the 533 million piece of software.

Not all was good with Nintendo. The company revised forecasts for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2009, expecting DS hardware to rise 3% to 31.5 million but dropping their DS software expectations 7% to 193 million units. On Wii, Nintendo's revisions were both downwards, with Wii sales dropping 3% to 26.5 million units and software to 193 million units.

What do you expect from each company in 2009?

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