TV's 'Lost' Pays Homage To First-Person-Shooters

One of the most popular TV series in America appeared to acknowledge the intense cultural influence of video games last night, when the latest episode of "Lost" briefly turned into a first-person-shooter. Check out the sequence below. (There are no show spoilers in this post.)


The more we gamers play games and the more universal that experience is, the more we may see examples of how the way we literally look at virtual worlds is going to change how movies, TV shows and sporting events are shot.

Football games now include an over-the-field "Madden"-style view. And the first-person-shooter perspective? Check out these shots I snapped from the first few minutes of "Lost" last night. This is from the beginning of the third episode of season five.

The only set-up you need is that this woman with the gun comes upon some of the heroes of our show, peers at them, swipes her sites past them, and then the shot returns to her.

Is the generation that grew up playing first-person shooters going to use the first-person-shooter-camera in more of our entertainment? Keep your eyes out. I bet there will be more of this.

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