Barack Obama Not Onboard Air Force One In 'Hawx'

Tom Clancy games are typically politically charged, so it's little surprise a mission in March's air combat game "HAWX" has players escorting the President aboard Air Force One, but after failing to defend him multiple times, I asked Ubisoft which President I was trying to save.


One of the missions in Ubisoft's air combat game "HAWX" involves executing defensive maneuvers around Air Force One as its en route to a safe location. The President in the "HAWX" universe is on board Air Force One at the time.

While checking "HAWX" a few weeks ago, the group of journalists I was playing with routinely failed to defend Air Force One. Boom! There's another failed mission, resulting in a successful attack (again) on the virtual President.

After the inauguration of Barack Obama, I started thinking about what President I was defending during "HAWX." With our first African-American President now in the White House, would Ubisoft try something different with its representation of a video game President?

My question was far more interesting than the answer, unfortunately. A Ubisoft representative told me the President is not a character in "HAWX" and is merely referenced as "the President" during the game. Oh well.

How do you think video games should handle virtual Presidencies?

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