MTV Games Responds To 'Rock Band' 5000-Song Reports

Several websites cited a Billboard article today that stated Harmonix and MTV Games would deliver 5,000 songs to the "Rock Band" catalog before the end of 2009, but a statement released by MTV Games to us says that's not entirely accurate.


Between "Rock Band," "Rock Band 2," "AC/DC Live" and downloadable content, there are more than 600 songs already available for "Rock Band."

A Billboard report unearthed by GameDaily today and picked up at several web sites, however, quickly highlighted a line claiming 5,000 songs were coming to "Rock Band" by the end of 2009. The question: how would they achieve that?

There's a bigger problem: the number's not exactly true, an MTV Games spokesperson told us this afternoon. The spokesperson pointed to an Ars Technica interview at CES 2009 with Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos discussing "Rock Band"'s song catalog. " the catalog expands from 500 songs to 5,000 songs or whatever in the coming years...we're going to be less constrained from a genre standpoint," said Rigopulos during the interview.

There could very well be 5,000 songs available for "Rock Band" -- in the "coming years," as Rigopulos put it -- but based on what MTV Games is saying, that's probably not happening before the end of the year.

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