February 'Guitar Hero' DLC Features Paul McCartney, Bob Seger And More

"Guitar Hero III" downloadable content might have been shaky, but Activision and Neversoft worked out the kinks for "Guitar Hero World Tour," allowing them to deliver content on a weekly basis; next month, we'll see more Paul McCartney, the debut of Bob Seger and an acoustic pack.


"Guitar Hero World Tour" will continue to receive weekly downloadable content from Activision and Neversoft in February, with additional tracks from Paul McCartney's "Wings" band, the debut of Bob Seger and a three-song acoustic track pack.

Acoustic Track Pack (February 12)

* Incubus -- "Drive*

* The Shins -- "New Slang"

* Oasis -- "Wonderwall"

Paul McCartney Track Pack (February 19)

* Wings -- "Junior's Farm"

* Wings -- "Jet"

* Wings -- "Hi Hi Hi"

Bob Seger Track Pack (February 26)

* "Old Time Rock and Roll"

* "Her Strut"

* "Get Out of Denver"

Each pack will be available on Xbox 360 (for 440 Microsoft Points), PlayStation 3 (for $5.49), and Wii (released as singles for 200 Microsoft Points each).

Which one will you be buying?

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