Flea Market Finds [photos]

Earlier this week I visited my mom in Florida, and we stopped by a flea market in Oldsmar. Amidst the piles of VHS tapes and romance novels, I found a treasure trove of old gaming goods. Take a look at what I found.


These homemade signs are quite charming. I like the use of different colored markers.

Too bad the store was closed but we got a glimpse of their wares anyway.

On some random junk table, I found a bunch of old PC games from the likes of Sierra and Interplay. There was even a copy of "Starcraft" for $12.

How could I not pick this gem up? It's "a butt kickin,' gun-totin,' 3D romp through Hickston, U.S.A." Circa 1997.

No NES? No problem! Ten bucks for the Family Boy.

"Musical Exciting Game! Show me your dance!!!" Made in China. And the box didn't list the "Sony Licensed Music" it allegedly has.

This shop had a lot of old Nintendo and Sega stuff.

Gumbo's had a little bit of everything -- from Atari, NES and SNES to PS1 and Xbox.