Bethesda Won't Commit To PS3 'Fallout 3' Getting Ability To Play Post-Ending

"Fallout 3" players have criticized their inability to keep exploring the wasteland after finishing the main storyline, and while that feature is coming to Xbox 360 and PC users via downloadable content, Bethesda Softworks told us there are currently no plans to update the PlayStation 3 version with the same feature.


When the credits roll in "Fallout 3," the game ends. You might have dozens of unfinished side quests, but unless you boot an old save, you can't access them. Bethesda Softworks is changing that with "Fallout 3"'s downloadable content, which gives players the ability to keep playing.

That's fantastic news if you're an Xbox 360 or PC gamer, but what if you're playing on PlayStation 3? Bethesda's acknowledged the omission demands correcting, but if the downloadable content is only coming to Xbox 360 and PC…does that mean PS3 users won't ever receive this fan-demanded feature?

We got in touch with "Fallout 3" executive producer Todd Howard for an answer. So, is post-ending adventuring something Bethesda is considering for PS3 players?

"Not at this time, no," said Howard.

That doesn't sound too hopeful. What do you make of Bethesda's decision?

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