What We're NOT Playing (Sorry 'Skate 2' And 'Lord of the Rings: Conquest')

There is still much left to play from 2008, and while the games industry no longer has a complete lull in the early months of the new year, just because there are new high-profile games arriving doesn't mean we have time to play them.


Stephen's Not Playing.. "Skate 2" (Xbox 360, PS3)

Why he's avoiding virtual ollies: There was a time when I needed to buy new games in January and there weren't any to buy. I called that time the 90s. Then I got a job (disposable income vs. less free time) and companies started releasing interesting games in January. Too late. I hear good things about EA's new skateboarding game, but I heard even better things about "Fallout 3," Far Cry 2," "LittleBigPlanet" and "Valkyria Chronicles," the 2008 games I need to play before biting into the fruits of '09.

Patrick's Not Playing: "Lord of the Rings: Conquest" (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, DS)

The reason he's not defeating Sauron: The same reasons Stephen isn't sitting down to try out "Skate 2" -- a game I should try, as well, since I didn't play the original for more than a few minutes -- are the same reasons I'm not trying "Lord of the Rings: Conquest." The bigger problem for potentially picking up "Lord of the Rings" down the line, however, is the not-so-great word of mouth. It remains unopened next to my desk.

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