'Halo' Wedding A Success -- 'Teammates For Life!'

Yes, that's Master Chief officiating a wedding ceremony. I spent Saturday down here in Orlando attending Desirai Labrada and John Henry's Halo Wedding, which went off with barely any hitches. We'll have video from the wedding here and on MTV on Monday, Jan 26.

The bride entered to the "Halo 3" menu music. The backdrop of the ceremony was a basic recreation of the "Halo" map Ivory Tower. The groom had his "Halo" emblem on his tie; hers was on her dress sleeves. Their wedding favors were made to look like plasma grenades. And instead of being pronounced "man and wife," Desirai and John were declared "teammates for life."

Your reporter with the master of ceremonies.

Check back soon for our Halo wedding video. More details about the wedding can be found at A Match Made In Halo. The wedding was held at Orlando's annual Full Sail University science and gaming event, Otronicon.

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