Box Art Reviews: 'Lord of the Rings: Conquest,' 'Moon,' More

This week marks the first big release of the year with "The Lord of the Rings: Conquest." So does its cover make our cut? Find out, and see what other games' box art couldn't escape our scrutiny.


"The Lord of the Rings: Conquest" (PC, Xbox 360, PS3, DS)

What the Box Tells Us: It's a licensed game using the likenesses and the aesthetics of some of the most widely seen and loved films of this generation.

Pros: The epic battles of the "Lord of the Rings" movies were some of the most memorable in cinematic history. Probably one of the few instances where a movie license helps gameplay expectations instead of hurts.

Cons: There's not much here to differentiate it upon first glance from other "Lord of the Rings" games.

Love It or Leave It: Love it.

"Inkheart" (DS)

What the Box Tells Us: Actor Brendan Fraser is on the cover holding a book, while a unicorn, some ladies, a fire-breather and a guy with facial scars float above him.

Pros: With the appearance of Brendan Fraser, I can tell it's a licensed game.

Cons: With the appearance of Brendan Fraser, I can tell it's a licensed game. Also, I know nothing about the movie; it just looks like a less cool version of "Neverending Story" to me.

Love It or Leave It: Leave it.

"Moon" (DS)

What the Box Tells Us: A man wearing a spacesuit and wielding a space gun floats above the moon, as evidenced by the earth reflecting in his helmet.

Pros: It looks like a comic book cover. Plus, it's simple, pretty and fits the theme without being too obvious.

Cons: I'd be hard-pressed to find any. Perhaps the quote from Hardcore Gamer at the bottom might detract those who don't consider themselves "hardcore gamers."

Love It or Leave It: Love it.

"Jumble Madness" (DS)

What the Box Tells Us: There are five addictive puzzle games, as seen in newspapers, which are spread all over the front of the box.

Pros: It's not just a clever title. The box art is literally jumble madness.

Cons: But it's too much madness! It's too busy, yet at the same time boring because it shows pages of black-and-white newspaper. (And soon the kids will go, "What's a newspaper"?)

Love It or Leave It: Leave it.

"Neighborhood Games" (Wii)

What the Box Tells Us: All the things you used to do in your neighborhood as a child -- play football and basketball, shoot slingshots and water pistols, fly your model airplane -- are now collected into 24 "family games" that you can play indoors!

Pros: It shows a lot of different children playing a lot of different games.

Cons: Perhaps I was severely deprived as a child but I never played any of these games (I just rode my bike or went swimming). So I'm not entirely sure how these make for interesting mini-games.

Love it or Leave It: Leave it.


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