Exclusive: Virtual Tour Of New Mets Stadium, Rendered On PlayStation 3

They've still got the Home Run Apple (moved slightly), and now they've got K-Rod. Check out the world exclusive first virtual tour of the New York Mets' new Citi Field stadium, rendered via the upcoming PlayStation 3 game "MLB 09: The Show."

Stadiums for "MLB 09: The Show" were built primarily by one person over the course of a couple of months, according to the game's producer (and Yankee fan) Jody Kelsey.

The new Mets stadium for the game was created by artist Frank Borowitz, one of eight stadium-builders working on the game. As happened with the creation of the PS3 version of New Yankee Stadium, no one from the development team was allowed to go inside Citi Field. So the artist relied on images supplied by the Mets organization.

This is technically the second appearance of Citi Field in the "MLB" PS3 series, according to Kelsey, who said that an under-construction version of it was part of the skyline beyond Shea Stadium in last year's game.

"MLB 09: The Show," which features new touches like variable lighting for different times of day as well as custom crowd chants and at-bat music, ships in early March exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

Check out our other big baseball exclusive today -- the debut trailer showcasing New Yankee Stadium. (And watch our Mets trailer in wonderful hi-def by clicking on the 720 at our Mets Citi Field trailer direct link).

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