Exclusive: Virtual Tour Of New Yankee Stadium, Rendered On PlayStation 3

You can't go there yourself for several more weeks, but today you can virtually attend a game in the New Yankee Stadium. Developers for upcoming PlayStation 3 game "MLB 09: The Show" have rendered an epic Yankees game in the new building, with new stars C.C. Sabathia and Mark Teixeira in action -- and they told us how they did it.

How they did it: The new Yankee Stadium was constructed, like many stadiums built for "MLB 09: The Show," pretty much by one person, artist Kevin Weinstein. "MLB 09" producer Jody Kelsey, a life-long Yankee fan, said each stadium takes a couple of months to be built.

Ideally the development team's eight stadium artists work from blueprints. But for the new Yankee Stadium that wasn't an option. Nor was plan B: getting in the building. "We asked, and unfortunately, that didn't work out," Kelsey told MTV Multiplayer. "It was one of those things where the stadium is under construction and, if something happens … well they just don't let it happen." The Sony development team did send a developer to take pictures of the outside of the stadium while it was under construction.

Lifelong fan that he is, Kelsey is excited about the new stadium. "When you look at it you see the old Yankee Stadium," he said. He had been torn about the Yankees building a new one, but now he's sold. "You see so many facets of the old stadium that they kept for people who have been there," he said. "When you see the new stadium this year, and when you see it in our game, you'll realize that we did need it."

"MLB 09: The Show," which features new touches like variable lighting for different times of day as well as custom crowd chants and at-bat music, ships in early March exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

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