Did You Know 'Brutal Legend' Has Multiplayer?

We all want to know more about "Brutal Legend," and March's Game Developers Conference could shed some new details. Double Fine is hosting a panel on the game's art and in the description, the studio re-confirmed it would include a multiplayer mode, something we haven't heard about since 2007.


Did you know "Brutal Legend" will have multiplayer? I didn't.

The Jack Black-starring, Double Fine-developed heavy metal action game "Brutal Legend" has been heavily anticipated since its announcement. As a result of the Vivendi-Activision merger, the game was without a publisher until Electronic Arts revealed plans to publish the title in December.

We should know a little more about "Brutal Legend" soon; the Game Developers Conference website shows Double Fine is holding an art-centric panel on the game. In the panel description, I thought there was breaking news that "Brutal Legend" will have multiplayer. A quick Google search, however, proved this was already known…we just haven't heard about it since an IGN interview from November 2007.

Electronic Arts didn't even mention multiplayer in their announcement press release. But, yes, "Brutal Legend" will still have multiplayer. "Rich multiplayer," according to the panel description. Whether we'll learn anything about this "rich multiplayer" at March's panel remains to be seen, though. The full panel description is below.

The Brutal Art of Brütal Legend

Speaker: Lee Petty (Art Director, Double Fine Productions)

Date/Time: TBD

Track: Visual Arts

Format: 60-minute Lecture

Experience Level: Intermediate

Session Description

A behind-the-scenes look at creating the art for a highly ambitious, Heavy Metal inspired original game, this talk examines how the look of Brütal Legend was defined and realized. Details on how Double Fine met the challenge of creating a unique, stylized look while also delivering a “AAA looking” game on the current generation of consoles are revealed. Creating the art for Brütal Legend was particularly challenging, as the game features a tightly constructed, story-driven single player campaign, a free-roaming open world environment of epic proportions, and a rich multiplayer game. Several specific problems and their solutions are presented on topics such as open world terrain fidelity, the advanced materials approach applied to characters, and the implementation of a dynamic sky, lighting and weather system.


Attendees will take away a detailed understanding of how Double Fine develops art from initial inspiration to final execution. Attendees will also take away the knowledge of how Double Fine solved the numerous challenges of making stylized art that feels contemporary on the current generation of consoles through several specific examples. Attendees will gain an understanding of how these approaches worked and be able to apply them to similar problems in their own productions.

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