My 2008 Miscellaneous Gaming Playlist (16 played, 3 finished)

nullI played 16 PC and other miscellaneous games for fun in 2008 and finished three of them.

As I did last year, I've compiled a list of the games that I played for fun in 2008. One list per major gaming platform.

(Check out the rest of my 2008 Gaming Playlists for other platforms, updated daily until New Year's.)

Today's entry is all about the games that didn't fit into my other posts. These are the PC games, the one iPod game, a GameCube game and other odds and ends.

What did I play? And which three games did I finish?

Take a look below:

My 2008 Miscellaneous Playlist

(Games I completed are italicized)

1) Audiosurf - This indie favorite is a puzzle game that looks like a racing game. And it shapes its levels to the contours of the rhythms of songs saved on your computer.

2) Bejeweled Twist - Perhaps the biggest game release of 2009 on any platform. Really.

3) Buggle Stars - This free Flash platformer can be played on It's one of the better ways to goof off at work.

4) Crysis - I finally got a PC that could run this game ... on the game's medium settings. But that was in late summer before too many other games got in the way.

5) Dolphin Olympics 2 - My pal Justin McElroy of Joystiq loves this Flash game involving dolphin stunts. I tried to like it, but couldn't.

6) Kid Icarus - For years I heard this game was great. I heard it was as good as fellow Nintendo Entertainment System adventure game "Metroid." So I downloaded it onto my Wii through the Virtual Console service. Unfortunately, I just found it maddeningly hard and gave up a few levels in. I really wanted to get into this one, but old-school gaming penalties and restarts killed it for me.

7) P.N. 03 - I couldn't stand this GameCube game when I first played it a couple of years ago. But trusted friends told me that it's spectacular. It took an article in Edge magazine (couldn't find a direct link, but check this out) to convince me to try it again. I was amazed. It's one of the best games I played through this year. The game looks like it should play like a "Tomb Raider" or even a "Devil May Cry." But it's more like a 3D "Space Invaders" with very few enemies and a supermodel protagonist. I know that sounds like a mess. It's not.

8 ) Rogue Galaxy - Another Japanese role-playing game I wanted to like, especially because I really enjoyed one of development studio Level 5's other PS2 role-playing games, "Dark Cloud 2." I didn't sour on this one, but I did sense I was running out of time to play PS2 games with all the major late 2008 titles bearing down.

9) Song Summoner - This was the only game I tried on my iPod this year, and it taught me that the iPod Nano's video screen is too small for a game with text. Reading the game literally made me nauseous. Not good!

10) Spore - I got to the center of the universe. And that was before all the patches. In 2009 I'm going to play this game again and see how much EA has already changed it.

11) Stars Over Half-Moon Bay - The head of EA's Sims and Casual label, Rod Humble, makes games in his spare time. Like this lovely one.

12) Stubbs The Zombie - I heard this Xbox game from Wideload was funny. So I downloaded it onto my Xbox 360. It is funny. But it has very dull level design. I played half of it and stopped.

13) Titan Quest - I tried this game when I got my new gaming PC. Seems good, but I'd rather my indoctrination into the "Diablo" genre start with a "Diablo" game.

14) Trackmania - I heard that this PC racing game had one of the most vibrant communities of users who create original content. I checked it out, and, yes, people are making a lot of cool tracks. Maybe too many of them. I was overwhelmed.

15) Storyteller - I don't think you can finish this game, per se, so I'm not counting it as finished. But it is certainly worth everyone starting. It's a very interesting three-panel story game for the PC that you can play at this link.

16) You Have To Burn The Rope - One of the must-play games of 2008. No joke. And it had the best song in any video game since "Portal."

(Game I missed - "Stalker: Clear Sky")

Miscellaneous Games of 2008: Played 16 / Finished 3

What did you play? And what did I miss?