My 2008 WiiWare Gaming Playlist (3 played, 0 finished)

nullI played three WiiWare games for fun in 2008 and finished none of them.

As I did last year, I've compiled a list of the games that I played for fun in 2008. One list per major gaming platform.

(Check out the rest of my 2008 Gaming Playlists for other platforms, updated daily until New Year's.)

Today's entry is all about WiiWare, Nintendo's new-in-'08 download service for original games.

What did I play? And why didn't I finish any?

Take a look below:

My 2008 WiiWare Playlist

(Games I completed are italicized)

1) Art Style: Orbient - This is a game about manipulating the gravity of heavenly bodies to create planetary systems. It was wonderful when I played it as a Japan-only Game Boy Advance game called "Orbital." It's good on Wii, too.

2) Lost Winds - I tried this gesture-the-wind side-scroller when it launched in the spring but didn't finish it. Then I ran out of room on my Wii and needed to make space for another game -- probably the next one on this list -- so I had to delete it.

3) World Of Goo - This may have been the best game I played on the Wii and one I feel guilty about not finishing. A game this good, this good-looking and clever in its gameplay, deserves to be finished. I will make the goo balls build more bridges and towers. I will finish this game in 2009.

(Game I missed - "Tetris Party")

WiiWare Games of 2008: Played 3 / Finished 0

What did you play? And what did I miss?